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Papec Portable Feed Maker and 20" Hammermill

  • $999

Papec Portable Feed Maker and 20" Hammermill Instructions for Operating and Parts List

31 Pages

This Manual is available in: Digital Download


Operating Instructions

Power Shaft and Jack Assemblies

Single Unit Main Shaft Assembly

Double Unit Main Shaft Parts

Mixing Auger Assembly

Concentrate Hopper Assembly

'63 Model Concentrate Hopper

Miscellaneous and Optional Parts

Back Unloading Auger Assembly

Discharge Auger (top unit)

Wheel Assembly

Wheel Fender and Brackets

Mill Dust Collector Assembly

Shield and Mill Parts

Roll Feed Assembly

Hammermill Shaft Unit

Belt Drive and Assembly

'62 Auger Feeder Assembly

Top Drive Unit for Auger Feeder

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