John Deere JD 300 Tractor General Dimensions

Below are the general dimensions for the JD 300 Tractor. You can find the manual here.
(with 14.9 x 24 rear tires, 7.50 x 16 front tires)  
Height to top of hood 52 in.
Clearance (front axle) 18 in.
Over-all width, min. 72-½ in.
Over-all length (with 3-point hitch) 125 in.
(fixed axle) 77 in.
(sweptback adjustable axle)  
(48" tread) 74-½ in.
Turning radius (with brakes applied) 121 in.
Curb clearance circle 249 in.
Shipping weight (approx.)  
(gasoline) 4150 lbs.
(diesel) 4200 lbs.