Here's what just a few of our Customers have said about purchasing a manual from AgManuals.com:

"Thanks so much for having the service manuals available! My husband ran the fuel out in our diesel tractor and didn't know how to bleed the pump to get it running again. Within 5 minutes of looking it up in the manual the tractor started right up. I don't know what we would do without the tractor or Ag Manuals. Thanks again!— J.W. 2015-07-17 

"I had a very positive experience as a first time customer. First I had accidentally entered a wrong email address then I couldn't download the PDF to my iPhone, as I wanted to take the manual to the field. Both of these issues were resolved almost immediately. Having the manual yesterday during periods of rain allowed me to get the baler knotting this afternoon. I would recommend friends just on the customer service alone. If they can find a manual for a new holland 516 manure spreader I would purchase it today." — M.D. 2015-06-28 


"The manual on the ih end gate seeder, was perfect. the seeder I have I shoveled oats into 60 years ago and rebuilding it to a workable unit. Finding the manual was amazing, Thanks" — D.M. 2015-05-25


"I needed a manual FAST. This is the way to go. We have printed the manual , put the pages in page protectors in a binder and everyone that has come to the house knows something from that binder. Now if we could get the machine shop to hurry up with a part that they have had for a week we might be trying the old girl out." — C.N. 2014-07-29


"Very good price. User friendly if u have a tractor and don't have a manual this is the place to get one. Good illustrations troubleshooting guide very helpful." — R.R. 2013-02-04


"Original or master must have been pretty much like new; all pages of this copy crystal clear." — R.L. 2013-05-17


"Quick and inexpensive way to get a manual for older equipment. Very happy with download and was able to print it off for field use." — R.E. 2014-09-21


"Great Manual - Very descriptive and details were valuable. We were very happy that we were able to find this manual as this machine is quite old. Thank you!" — C.S. 2014-08-21


"I have an original Manual of which mice had eaten 2 of the pages. This Manual is identical to the original." — C.J. 2014-07-14


"Pricing was great for ability to have images of original documents gives assurance of accurate information." — J.M. 2014-06-29


"Fast and painless! Instant access so I could work on my baler." — R.K. 2013-09-27


"Working on my son inlaws tractor he is new to farming and didn't know anything about the tractor. Such as oil levels and such, and he is not mechanically inclined so I needed to show him the importance of having a manual. Thanks" — A.S. 2013-10-26


"I am totally satisfied with the manual after I downloaded it. I was able to find the information to time the baler." — L.T. 2013-07-11


"Fantastic, receive the same day, view right away, price is right!!! Thank you!!" — C.E. 2013-10-10