John Deere 40 Series Corn Heads - Operator's Manual

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John Deere 40 Series Corn Heads Operator's Manual

Manual for 3300, 4400, 6600, 7700 AND 7701 COMBINES

The 344, 443 and 444 Corn Head requires one driven coupler. The 546, 643, 644, 645, and 843 Corn Heads require two drive couplers, use couplers shipped with feeder house.

72 Pages

This Manual is available in: Digital Download


Attaching and Detaching


Adjusting Auger Drive Chain

Beginning of Season Service

Chaffer for Corn


Corn Head Drive

Corn Head Drive Speeds

Combines with Fixed Chain Drive

Feeder House

Combines with Variable Belt Drive

Feeder House

Cylinder Filler Plates

Ear Savers

End of Season Service

Feeder House

Adjusting Conveyor Float

Adjusting Feeder Conveyor Drive Chain

Connecting and Disconnecting Hoses

Drum Height Adjustment Decal

Fifty Hour Lubrication

Front Wheel Spacing

Gatherer Chain

Repairing Gatherer Chain

Replacing Gatherer Chain

Removing Gatherer Chain


Adjusting Center Shield Latches

Adjusting Gatherer Chain Flights

Adjusting Gatherer Chain Tension

Adjusting Gatherer Points

Center Shield Extensions

Leveling Gatherer Points

Raising Center Gatherer Shields

Raising Outer Gatherer Sheets

Removing Center Gatherer Shields

Removing Ear Savers

Removing Outer Gatherer Sheets

Hydraulic Cylinder Safety Stop

Leveling Header

Lubrication and Maintenance


Operating the Corn Head

General Information

Starting In The Field

Adjusting Corn Head Properly

Drive and Operate Carefully

Harvesting Corn with Weaken or Broken Stalks

Harvesting Popcorn

Perforated Parts

Preparing the Combine

Preparing the Corn Head

Row Unit

Adjusting Deck Plates

Adjusting Gatherer Chain Guides

Adjusting Row Spacing

Adjusting Row Unit Drive Chain

Adjusting Row Unit Drive Sprockets with Fixed Drive Speeds


Corn Husker

Forage Harvester

Wheel Shields

Adjusting Slip Clutches

Adjusting Trash Knives

Coupling the Chain



Serial Number


Service Intervals

Sieve Types


Stalk Rolls

Starting in the Field

Steering Wheel Weights


Straw Chopper

Straw Spreader

Symbols, Lubrication

Ten Hour Lubrication


Trouble Shooting

Two Hundred Hour Lubrication

Manual Code: OM-H114165