John Deere 494A and 495A Corn Planters - Operator's Manual

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John Deere 494A and 495A Corn Planters Operator's Manual

64 Pages

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  • Preparing the tractor
  • Preparing the planter
  • Hitching
  • Transporting
  • Markers
  • Planting depth
  • Hill-drop planting - 494A Planter only
  • Drill planting - 494A Planter only
  • Hill-drop or drill planting - 495A Planter only
  • Soybean charts
  • Maize charts
  • Plant population chart


  • Fertilizer attachments
  • Trash kickers
  • Dual wheel frame
  • Press wheel scrapers
  • Press wheel bands
  • Fenders for the insecticide and/ or herbicide attachment
  • Granular herbicide attachment
  • Insecticide attachment
  • Wide band insecticide spreader
  • Shield for wide band insecticide spreader
  • Seed packer wheels - 494A Planter only
  • Double disk furrowers
  • 14-inch double-disk openers
  • 8-inch disk coverers with anti-friction bearings
  • Gauge shoes
  • Row leveling blades
  • Six-row planting extension attachment
  • Eight-row hitch attachment
  • Pre-emergence sprayer attachment
  • Compaction seed runner
  • Dual marker control
  • Dry fertilizer hopper divider
  • Beet seed hopper - 494A Planter only
  • Minimum tillage attachment
  • Rubber press wheel tires
  • Pea and bean attachment




  • At the beginning of the season
  • At the end of the season
  • Storing planter
  • Runner alignment
  • Rockshaft bearings
  • Drill shaft pins
  • Timing the planter
  • Double disk fertilizer openers and double disk seed openers with anti-friction bearings
  • Ratchet drive
  • Valve adjustment - 494A Planter only
  • Valve adjustment - 495A Planter only
  • Causes for common difficulties encountered when planting

Manual Code: OM-B25384