New Holland 87 Wire Tie Baler - Operator's Manual

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New Holland 87 Wire Tie Baler Operator's Manual

46 Pages

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About Improvements

Safety Precautions


Before Using your New Baler


Standard Equipment


Crop Preparation

Daily Check Points


  • Hitching to Tractor
  • Handling the Wire
  • Installing the coil of wire
  • in the wire container
  • Wire Tension
  • Threading the Wire
  • Starting to Bale
  • Replacing Wire Coils

Safety Features

  • Flywheel Safety Bolt
  • Gearbox Safety Bolt
  • Ejector Safety Bolt
  • Twister Drive Safety Bolt


  • Belt In formation and Adjustments
  • Care of Roller Chain
  • Pick-Up Lift Spring
  • Pick-Up Wheel
  • Pick-Up Chain
  • Feed Roll
  • Wadboard and Feed Arm
  • Plunger Roller Adjustments
  • Slicing Knives
  • Connecting Rod
  • Bale Counter

The Operation of the Over-Center Assy

Adjustment of Over-Center Assembly

Twister Operation

The Twister (Explanation of)

  • Disassembling the Twister
  • Reassembling the Twister
  • Re-lnsta1ling Twister Assembly
  • Setting the Locator Roller
  • Removing Backlash from the
  • Twister Drive Shaft
  • Ejector Timing
  • Removing the Twister Guards
  • Remounting the Twister Guards
  • Wire Pick-Up Assemblies
  • Needle Timing
  • Wire Holder Cam Adjustment
  • Wire Pick-Up and Carrier Pin
  • Alignment
  • Needle Adjustment
  • Needle Brake
  • Hydraformatic Bale Tension

Baler Maintenance

  • Replacing Pick-Up Fingers
  • Engine
  • Main Drive Shaft Bearings

Storage of Baler

Instructions for Ordering Service Parts

Trouble Shooting

Model 87 P.T.O

Bull Gear-Pinion Mesh

Push Rod Bracket

Crank Pin Locations



Manual Code: 2133-2500-3-58W


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