Oliver 550 Tractor - Operator's Manual

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Oliver 550 Tractor Operator's Manual

90 Pages

This Manual is available in: Digital Download


Section I - Tractor

Section II - Engine

Section III - Fuel System

Section IV - Ignition And Electrical Systems

Section V - Cooling System

Section VI - Clutch

Section VII - Transmission, Differential, Brakes And Final Drive

Section VIII - Steering Gear And Linkage

Section IX - Front And Rear Wheel Equipment

Section X - Equipment


Accelerator, Foot Fuses Radiator
Additive, Oil Gear Shift Radiator Cap
Air Cleaner General Information Radiator Screen
Air Pressure - Tires Generator Rear Wheel Adjustment
Air Stack Cap Generator Indicator Light Seasonal Preparation
Anti -Freeze Solution Governor Adjustment Seat
  • Radiator   • Diesel Serial Numbers
  • Tires   • Gasoline Service Periods
Attaching Implements Governor Control Spark Plugs
Battery Service Hitch Specifications
Belt, Fan   • Attachments   • Belt Pulley
Belt Pulley   • Three-Point   • Calcium Chloride And Water
Bleeding Fuel System, Diesel Hydraulic System   • Capacities
Brake Adjustment   • Control Lever   • Dimensions, Tractor
Brake Pedals   • External Valve   • Engine
Break-In Period   • Operation And Adjustment   • Engine Lubrication
Breather   • Servicing   • Fuel
  • Engine Crankcase Idle Adjustments   • Hydraulic System
  • Hydraulic   • Diesel   • Ignition And Electrical System
  • Transmission   • Gasoline   • Power Steering
Carburetor Ignition Switch   • Power Take - Off
Checking The Tractor Ignition System   • Tire Inflation Pressure
Chevron Starting Aid Ignition Timing   • Transmission Lubrication
Choke Control Imperial And Metric Measure   • Transmission Speeds
Clutch Adjustment And Lubrication - Engine Instruments   • Wheel Tread Adjustment
Clutch Adjustment - Power Take-Off Lights Stabilizer Bar
Clutch Pedal Light Switch Starting Aid - Chevron
Coil Lubrication Starting Crank
Cold Weather Operation   • Brake Pedal Starting Motor
Controls   • Chart Starting Procedure
Coolant Heater   • Clutch, Engine Starting Switch
Cooling System   • Distributor Steering Cylinder Anchor Adjustment
Distributor   • Engine Steering Gear Lubrication
Draft Control   • Generator Stopping The Tractor Engine
Drawbar   • Power Take-Off Clutch Bearing Storage
Electrical System   • Starting Motor   • Fuel
Engine   • Steering Gear   • Removal From
  • Lubrication   • Tachourmeter Drive Cable   • Tractor
  • Operation   • Three-Point Hitch Tachourmeter
  • Starting Procedure   • Transmission Tank. Fuel
  • Trouble Shooting   • Wheel, Front Temperature Gauge
Equipment Metric And Imperial Measure Thermostat
Fan Belt Adjustment Oil Additive Three-Point Hitch Operation
Filters Oil Change Periods, Engine And Adjustment
  • Fuel Oil Filter Timing Distributor
  • Oil, Engine   • Engine Tire And Tube Maintenance
  • Oil, Hydraulic   • Hydraulic Tire Inflation
Foot Accelerator Oil Pressure Indicators Toe-In Adjustment
Front End Oils, Engine Tool Box
  • Axle Adjustment Operation Transmissions
  • Lubrication   • Cold Weather Trouble Shooting, Engine
  • Toe-In Adjustment   • Engine Valve Clearance Adjustment
  • Wheel Bearing Adjustment Power juster Rear Wheels Voltage Regulator
Front Frame Weights Power Steering Lubrication Warning Lamp
Fuel Power Take - Off Water Temperature Gauge
  • Bleeding System Precleaner Screener Water Trap, Diesel Fuel
  • Filters Preheater, Diesel Wheel Bearing Adjustment
  • Gauge Preparation Wheel Tread Adjustment
  • Shutoff   • After Storage Wheel Weights
  • Specifications   • Seasonal Wiring Diagrams
  • Stop   • Storage  
  • Storage Primer Pump  
  • Strainer    
  • System, Diesel
  • System, Gasoline
  • Tank Filler

Manual Code: S1-4-44